John Foster

Commentary - Transfiguration

Transfiguration mural

1994 – 1997, Oil on hardboard, Length 9.6m, Height 2.4m

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Figures seen from the corner of one's eye

This mural is about transformation.

“One important transfiguration in the mural extends from left to right. On the left, the images are opaque with borders around them like collaged photos, obscuring those underneath. Moving the right, the borders disappear. At the extreme right the images appear to be translucent, and can be seen beneath each other several layers deep.” -- John Foster

The faces have been gathered from everyday life – newspapers, television, people in the street. John carried a sketchpad with him for several years, recording these as he saw them.

“…the furtiveness of the images. I caught them out of the corner of my eye as I went about the world, then stretched them to fit in with one another.” -- John Foster

“If all the faces in the mural could speak at once, there would be a noisy babble, as in a crowded room, or the dawn chorus of birds.” -- John Foster

The mural is constructed of whole sheets of hardboard supported by timber frames.

A set of 51 lithographs accompanies the mural.


Series also includes:

Transfiguration mural in progress

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