John Foster

Commentary - Creation

Creation mural

1991 – 1992, Polyurethane paint on hardboard, Length 9.6m, Height 2.4m

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Chaos to order

This mural represents the progression of chaos into order.

On the left is grey – a mixture of all colours.

Slowly the grey separates into coloured strands, and coalesces into small images. These small images become more frequent and more closely connected.

On the right the images are arranged in a grid pattern with no connecting strands.

The small images are all gathered from everyday life – advertising, Eastern mandalas, electronic circuitry, microbiology textbooks, road drain covers, to name a few.

The colours of the right most panel are pure primaries (of the Ostwald colour wheel, which includes green). When these primaries of the same tone are juxtaposed an optical shimmer occurs. It is as if the colours take on a new life.

The origins of this mural can be seen in the border of the Prayer and Healing Service mural. John began painting Creation in approximately the centre, and worked toward both ends. The painting evolved - he did not plan the final appearance of either end panel.

The mural is constructed of whole sheets of hardboard supported by timber frames. Printmaking

This mural is extremely difficult to photograph. From a distance the details are lost and the mural takes on a shimmer.

A series of 26 woodcut prints accompanies the mural.


Series also includes:

Forum North, 1991

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