John Foster

Commentary - Commonwealth Games

Commonwealth Games mural

1988 – 1989, Polyurethane paint on signboard, Length 5m, Height 3m

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The 1990 Commonwealth Games

This mural was painted for the 1990 Commonwealth Games, and was installed in the Games Village at Glen Innes during the Games. It was later on display at the Auckland International Airport.

It shows all ten sports of the Games in the central area as if they were in a sports stadium.

The emphasis is mainly on the beautiful form the human body adopts during the various sports, with enough space around the person to perform the event.

Occasionally the sports person moves outside his or her frame, indicating that they have extended themselves to win.

Around the sports people is the crowd, as though in a stadium. It is painted in an attempt to capture the atmosphere of a crowd, with people packed together, usually sitting, but occasionally cheering and waving hands. Around the edge are the flags of the 52 participating countries of the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

For the four months prior to the start of painting John attended sports events. He made hundreds of sketches of athletes and crowds.

The mural is the only one intended to be shown outside, being constructed of weatherproof materials and paint.

Printmaking Accompanying the mural are a series of 31 lithograph prints.


Series also includes:

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