John Foster

Commentary - Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup Series

1972, prints and paintings, 91 works



An exploration of printmaking

The Coffee Cup series was the beginning of John’s printmaking career. It takes as its subject a young couple conversing in a coffee shop, which John had sketched a few years previously.

“…ended in a coffee shop, sat down in peace and quiet. Opposite me was a young couple at a table, conversing together. Each was interested in what the other was saying, it looked an easy relationship – just two people talking….As I sat, I took my pencil and notebook out of my pocket, and began to draw. At first, a hand, a head, an arm, a table, a light – jotted down like shorthand notes. Then parts of the group, finally the whole scene. I watched and drew for an hour. They did not see me. Elated, I witnessed their agreement and sympathy. It was one of my most moving experiences.” -- John Foster

The printing methods were varied and highly experimental.

“Money for proper materials was scarce, so I had to improvise master plates – cardboard, cloth, a few zinc etching and litho plates left over from student days, some aluminium, lino, Perspex. Further, I had to experiment with innovative ways of using these old plates.” -- John Foster

Series also includes:

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